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MODERN-EYEZ is proud to announce that OPTI-MANAGER is now available nationwide throughout the United States.

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How it all started...

The software originated in late 2007 from a Florida Licensed Optician's needs for a detailed but easy way to use practice management software. As an experienced general manager and trainer for other practice management programs, he knew that all of the software he had seen in the past, was very confusing to use and didn't provide him with the data that he and other colleagues needed to reach productivity goals in the eyecare industry, not to mention how primitive, complicated, small and grey every program was.

With his software development skills, hands on experience in the eyecare industry and help from top accountant's, front end designer's, developer's and database guru's, he dedicated his life to fix the barriers he had faced by developing a powerful optical practice management software that was affordable, easy to use, more detailed and affordable to maintain.


OPTI-MANAGER was released to 2 optical's in florida as a beta test in late 2008. Throughout the next 2 years of testing, the software was molded from the needs of these busy optical's to cut cost of third party charges, improve sale time and ease of use to novice PC users. By late 2009 it was officially released to a 3rd Florida optical business and fine tuned to perfection.


OPTI-MANAGER's development was unique not only in comparison to all other optical programs, but to most practice management software because it had the oppertunity to be developed at the same time it was being used by busy optical's. This did away with the telephone game where the original idea can many times be lost in translation ie: Optical needs to Designer, Designer to Developer, Developer to User. Very few software's get this chance during development.


Development and testing were completed by January of 2012 and OPTI-MANAGER LE (Latest Edition) was released to the public on February 1st with the help of MODERN-EYEZ Optical Solutions LLC. Now, only a few months after it's first public release, accounts and popularity are growing at a exceptional rate.


We put Opti-Manager in our Naples Optical location last year. I think the coolest thing about Opti-Manager is the ability to customize the program to fit the specific needs of our office. Their staff are always available and responds quickly to anything we have needed. Honestly, we have found that Opti-Manager is able to do so much more than other programs, we have actually scaled it back to fit our needs. If you are worried that the software is not capable of doing everything you need, no worries, Modern-Eyez Optical has thought of everything. Change is always hard however Opti-Manager has been a great fit for our location.

Rick Radunz
Naples Optical Center

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OPTI-MANAGER was developed to not only surpass other software's features and functionalities, but also their high prices. OPTI-MANAGER does not nickel and dime you on every little feature or function we have, nor do we continue to charge you yearly just to use our software. We believe in Optician J's (OPTI-MANAGER's Creator) philosophy:

"Once you buy it you own it."

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The difference from other software is obvious just by first glance. OPTI-MANAGER has a colorful atmosphere, not just for looks, but color coding helps us understand easier and accomplish the tasks at hand faster, giving your patients the attention they deserve.

"Innovation, Functionality, Security"

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Unlock the power of OPTI-MANAGER.
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