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MODERN-EYEZ is proud to announce that OPTI-MANAGER is now available nationwide throughout the United States.

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Although OPTI-MANAGER was created easy to operate and maintain without the need for additional constant support, we offer support throughout OPTI-MANAGER and via e-mail or telephone. For new clients, OPTI-MANAGER support is granted for the period of one year free. If the need arises for additional support, it may be added per six month period for a nominal fee.

Before contacting support, please consider using the built in Frequently Asked Questions section located on the lower left of OPTI-MANAGER's desktop. Click on the question mark (?) icon directly below the OPTI-MANAGER logo. This function is free and constantly being updated to answer typical questions that may arise when using OPTI-MANAGER.

Click here to email OPTI-MANAGER's support team or call us directly.
Telephone: (858) 848-OPTI (6784).


OPTI-MANAGER is a great tool for the Optometric professional. It allows for appointment scheduling, contact lense ordering, patient recall and everything in between. I also appreciate the user friendly interfaces that OPTI-MANAGER offers.
Cari A. Ruckman, OD, Argos Eye Care


I find OPTI-MANAGER to be a large help to my small business. It has many features that helps me track and follow up with patients. I am able to track my accounts receivables like never before. It doesn't cause a drag on my profits as it is very affordable, unlike many of it's competitors.
David Archibald, OD, Bayside Family Eyecare

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OPTI-MANAGER was developed to not only surpass other software's features and functionalities, but also their high prices. OPTI-MANAGER does not nickel and dime you on every little feature or function we have, nor do we continue to charge you yearly just to use our software. We believe in Optician J's (OPTI-MANAGER's Creator) philosophy:

"Once you buy it you own it."

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The difference from other software is obvious just by first glance. OPTI-MANAGER has a colorful atmosphere, not just for looks, but color coding helps us understand easier and accomplish the tasks at hand faster, giving your patients the attention they deserve.

"Innovation, Functionality, Security"

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Unlock the power of OPTI-MANAGER.
We provide several different ways for you to
evaluate and purchase the most affordable, powerful
Optical management and practice management
software designed by a licensed optician.

Telephone: (858) 848-OPTI (6784)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.